Kristen Stewart Was A Pornstar? Here’s The Proof!

kristen stewart
Believe it or not but Kristen Stewart from Twilight series was actually a porn star before becoming Hollywood actress. It is not very surprising because most actress in Hollywood come to tinsel town after getting their holes everywhere. Kristen Stewart is a beautiful actress but we cannot say the same about her acting talent. Her real is displayed in this old porn video that we unearthed after paying huge money to the maker.




Kristen Stewart Porn

Kristen’s lawyers had made sure that he has deleted her videos but he has kept one video still. And in this porn video Kristen Stewart is doing hardcore interracial fuck with a black niggar. Her expression are so awesome here we wonder if she could recreate same in mainstream movies. During Filming of Snow White she was sleeping with the married director of the film. As a result her bf Robert Pattinson broke up with her, but she doesn’t care because she has enough money and enough guys to fuck her holes. Enjoy this video and decide for yourself if you prefer her Movie or porn.

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