below her mouth Here is a awesome lesbian sex scene from the Canadian movie Below Her Mouth staring Natalie Krill And Erika Linder.




As day is progressing we are seeing more and more realistic sex scenes on the big screen nowdays. The movie is a intriguing story of a relationship between same sex couples. In this scene we see both of them completely naked throughout the film showing every part of their bodied in one scene there is a scene where Natalie Krill is sitting stark naked in the tub as water falls on her pussy.


She is using the force of the water to reach orgasm. Then we see in another scene Erika Linder nude going down on Natalie, you can see her tongue clearly touch her pubic hair. Both have awesome bodies and they are exposing their goodies very confidently. I suggest that you go to watch this movie soon if you want to watch a hot lesbian scene.

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