How to Build a Website like Pornhub and Bring Traffic to it?

Pornhub, one of the biggest key partner of the $97 billion adult industry, has set a milestone for other competitors in the market. 2018, was a massive growth time for Pornhub, as website visits crossed 33.5 billion over the course of the year. This was a massive increase of 5 billion as compared to 2017, and the year is still going on. In a minute, the website receives more than 63,992 new visitors, 207,405 video views, and 57,750 searches.

Is it not fascinating? I think is fascinating enough to get inspired and start a website of your own like Pornhub. For what it’s worth, building a website like Pornhub is not very tough these days, getting traffic is. That is why I have dedicated this article on answering two important questions of every entrepreneur who wishes to start a site like Pornhub. One, how to make a porn site, and two, how to bring traffic to a porn site. So, let’s jump into it and understand an easy way to venture in the adult industry and make some good earning.

How to make a porn site?

To begin with your venture, the first thing you would need is very basic for any kind of website-

  1. Buy a suitable domain name

Choose a niche-oriented domain name. Using Adult oriented keywords also help in SEO of your porn site. It is advised to use a domain name that –

  • Fits your brand
  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Without special characters
  1. Buy an adult hosting space

Next step is finding a server to host your website. Depending on the scale of your website you should choose a suitable hosting that can survive the heavy loads that porn sites get.

One tip- Research comprehensively, as many popular website servers do not allow adult site hosting. You might get banned the next day your website is live. Instead, go for a dedicated adult site host.

What are the choices?

  • Shared servers: Avoid shared servers. They are sluggish and not designed to handle loads on porn sites.
  • On-site servers: If you prefer on-site servers, go for rack servers to get a scalable structure.
  • Hybrid cloud servers: Hybrid cloud server give benefits of owning your own infrastructure with the ability to scale the server space when required.
  • Cloud servers: Before going for cloud-based servers, ensure you have a faster internet connection with these servers.
  • Elastic cloud servers: Go for elastic cloud servers to get dynamic upscaling and downscaling of servers on requirement. Moreover, you need paying only for the space you use.
  1. Buy an adult content Management System

Dedicated adult CMSs are different from regular WordPress or Joomla CMSs you see. The best adult CMS will possess the following advanced abilities to operate a porn site efficiently-

Features to look in a good adult content management system

  • User Engagement Tools messaging, live chat, emoji etc.
  • Payment Gateways to safer online transactions.
  • High Degree Customization for white-label branding.
  • Video Player for seamless video streaming.
  • Responsive Design for smooth streaming on mobile phones.
  • Scalable Architecture to support as many videos.
  • Dynamic bit-rate switching for seamless streaming on all internet speeds.
  • Bulk Video Upload for convent upload of multiple videos at a time.
  • Advanced Meta-tagging for SEO optimization.
  • Adult Search Engine Optimization tools like blogging.
  • Multi-language System for global outreach.
  • Subscription Based Membership for revenue generation.
  • Multiple Monetization Options for a hybrid model of revenue generation.
  • HTML 5 Video playback for uninterrupted streaming on any platform.


Xstreamer is a highly recommended Adult CMS with all the above functionalities present by default. It is a Pornhub script.  You may want to check out their free- demo to comprehend it deeply.

  1. Change Basic Settings

Once you own an efficient white labeled adult CMS, next job is setting up the platform by customizing the preferences and setting according to your business model. You can activate and de-activate multiple monetization methods. Update Meta tags. Setup video resolution settings. Customize the robot.txt file and many other aspects like these.

  1. Customize content and Optimize SEO

Once you complete the setup and customize the preferences, you will need some good quality web content to make your site SEO friendly and user-friendly. Of course, you cannot go live with those lorem ipsum content. Hire a content writer and update the SEO and website content where ever they are applicable. You can update the content for sections like Categories, video pages, Search result content, privacy policies, refund policies, and many more. Work strategically on this part as you would need these content for website’s traffic generation as well.

  1. Upload videos

You can partner with various content creators to get videos for your site. You can also produce originals under your brand’s banner. And there is another way too- video embedding. However, before that, make sure to create video categories, subcategories, and dedicated category pages. Upload videos with their categories to get better visibility. Example of a few popular porn videos categories could be Asian, Milf, Amateur, Lesbian, Japanese, Mature, Transgender, Big Dick, Threesome, Gay, and many more.

  1. Embed videos

Many big porn sites pay to the small sites for embedding their videos. You can contact such sites and ask them to let you embed their videos on your site. Moreover, as you have your own site, it would be easy to participate in affiliate programs of big sites and embed their videos on your site to earn commission from the views they get from your embedding.

  1. Go live

Now you are up and ready to launch your site. Deploy the live version on the server and enjoy your business.

Wait! Are you one of those entrepreneurs who get their sites live and wait for money and traffic to flow-in? Because website traffic does not come like this. Especially, when you own a business from a massively competitive niche like Porn Industry. You would need doing much more than just waiting for traffic to flow–in automatically.

How to get Adult Website Traffic?

Marketing is an avoidable aspect of any website-based business. It helps websites to survive the heat of competition and make profits simultaneously. You should consider following tips and practices to get adult website traffic for your newly launched website.

Marketing agency

If you already possess good marketing experience, it safe to proceed and you should directly start with your website promotion by yourself. However, you may want to hire a dedicated adult marketing agency so that you can concentrate on growing other aspects of your business while experts will do their job.



Prepare separate strategies for search engine optimization on different engines. There are companies and agencies that offer adult SEO and SEM services. You can contact them, or can also do this by yourself. If you are doing by yourself, make sure to optimize your site by-

  • Updating the site content
  • Updating meta tags and descriptions
  • Uploading HD images with caption and descriptions
  • Updating the robot.txt file.
  • Checking site for broken links
  • Checking site for duplicate content
  • Checking keyword density in description contents
  • Conducting Keyword research
  • Writing SEO content

Know some SEO stuff for yourself too

No doubt, SEO, SEM, and SMM, can be effectively taken care by marketing agencies. However, it is wise to know a few stuff so that you can always point out if something is going wrong with these agencies.  Here are few SEO and marketing trends and tools, you should consider knowing. I have mentioned some examples for each –


  • Heat Map tool for audience research and conversion rate optimization.
  • A/B testing Tool for conversion rate optimization and on-site modifications.
  • SEO tools such as Moz, Yoast, Google Analytics. Google Keyword Planner, Google trends.
  • Email marketing tools such as ConvertKit and MailChimp.
  • Push notifications such as web push notifications and in-app push notifications.
  • Content Marketing: write blogs, Guest posts, and Press release for link building.
  • Video marketing: Post your video Ads on popular adult video sites with advertisement support.


Optimize for mobile

Last but most important aspect is making your website mobile friendly. As a majority of internet traffic today is from mobiles only, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, you would be losing too much traction. Hence, ensure that the Adult CMS or PornHub script you choose is highly responsive to mobile devices. A mobile-friendly site does not only help in seamless browsing but also favored by Google in its search ranking algorithm.

I hope this article was able to clear most of your doubts about starting an adult website and bringing traffic to it. If you have any particular suggestions for our readers feel free to share them in the comments. We would love to know about them.

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