Inge De Bruijn Full Nude Video From Reality Show

The former Dutch Olympic gold medalist appears completely nude on the reality tv show Adem meets Eve. Yes you heard it right, there is a reality show where people try to find match totally nude in a island. The 42 years old swimmer had successfully defended her Olympic medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic. It’s really surprising to see the kind of reality shows that is coming nowdays. The day won’t be far when we will have the competition to decide who is best fucker.

Having spent 42 years without a life partner she seems very excited, when asked about her view on what qualities she is looking for in her man she said.

sweet, charming, caring, funny and a bit mysterious”.

Well I don’t know about such qualities but if she had participated in such show with Indian guys she would have returned home with sore pussy for sure.

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