Keira Knightely Hot Spanking Scene From A Dangerous Method

A hot BDSM spanking scene of Hollywood actress Keira Knightley spanking in the movie A Dangerous Method. It seems like someone had the idea of making a movie on kinky relationship long before 50 shades of grey happened. Even though it is not as explicit as in 50 shades, it is still pretty hot.

Full Video Below

In the first scene she is in doggy style over a couch with buttons open and a guy slapping her ass from behind. There is no nudity here but her amazing expression will make you erect. Then she is tied to a bed post in doggy style wearing a wedding gown and a guy is whipping her ass with belt. In this scene you can see her small but firm boobs as dress slip below. It would have been much hotter if she was completed naked and was getting the beating.

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