Natalie Dormer Sex Scene From Fades S01

Keep A Tissue Paper Nearby

Former Game Of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer nude scene from the TV show fade season 1. Fades is a mini series that aired on TV in 2011, it was a show about paranormal stuff of spirit realm and real world colliding with grave consequences. The series wasn’t as popular had expected but it gave window for a new actress to show her talent (body) on screen. And that actress was Natalie Dormer. Long before getting all naked in GOT she had achieved the feat already in this show.

The scene beings with waking up in bathtub naked but covered in filth, probably she just come back from dead. As she gets out of the bed we see her now famous ass and tits all wet and slimy. You can say that the slime could be used to lubricate and fuck her ass but unfortunately that is not the case. She just walks away naked. Scene two where she is laying In bed with a guy who is all Waiting to fuck her. Then she gets on top of him and start to Ride him hard until she is disturbed and try to suffocate and kill him ( WTF?) Well, all said and done, I’m waiting for that day when her sex tape is going to get leaked online Where she will be fucking like a bitch. Not very long I’m sure.

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