Lady Gaga Topless From Her Documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two”

lady gagaPop icon Lady gaga went topless in a documentary on her life named Gaga: five feet two. When it comes to nudity we can be assured that Hollywood sluts will never disappoint us.




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In this scene she is sitting with her friend topless posing her sexy tight breasts to the Camera. I don’t understand who sits like this nude in their daily life outdoors chatting with friends. It is clear that she is not wearing top only because there is a camera. And those Celebrities don’t want to lose any opportunities to please their fans.

The 31 year old pop singer, actress and song writer is known for her rock style songs since her debut in 2007. But her breakout came in 2009 with the immensely popular single Poker face, and Just Dance. The song went on to become one of the highest selling single of all time and was included in the top 100 of all time list.


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