Did Jennifer Lawrence Fucked with Harvey Weinstein?

jenniferWhile almost every on-screen character that has ever run into the ugly Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein is as of now heaping on with stories of how he requested sex in return for motion picture parts. Jennifer Lawrence (who maybe profit by her relationship with Harvey more than anybody) had this to state “I didn’t encounter any type of badgering by and by, nor did I think about any of these claims.”





So Jennifer anticipates that us will trust that she is the one special case to Harvey Weinstein’s indecent ways, and that it is only an occurrence that she went from a supporting part on “The Bill Engvall Show” to featuring in the blockbuster motion picture establishment “The Hunger Games” in a matter of 2 years after Harvey took her under his out of shape sweat-soaked wing and she depicted him as “Persevering, enthusiastic, and pretty much the best coach a trying performing artist would ever seek after.”

jennifer lawrence harvey weinstein

Talking about “The Hunger Games”, Jennifer Lawrence’s throwing ahead of the pack part of Katniss Everdeen (which propelled her into super fame) came as a significant stun. For as indicated by the smash hit books, “The Hunger Games” is a story about growing up, and Katniss should be an amazingly thin, little, brunette 15-year-old young lady. At the time then 14-year-old Hailee Steinfeld was the reasonable leader, and had the part everything except guaranteed when it was shockingly given to then 21-year-old Jennifer Lawrence.

As should be obvious in the correlation photographs taken from that time above and beneath, Steinfeld fit the depiction of the Katniss character splendidly while Lawrence looked old notwithstanding for a 21-year-old.

hailee steinfeld jennifer lawrence hunger games

Obviously that wasn’t the main wonderful thing that occurred for Jennifer Lawrence’s profession that year, as she was likewise thrown in Harvey Weinstein’s “Silver Linings Playbook” (which she wound up winning an Oscar for). The amusing thing about that is Anne Hathaway had officially marked on for the part, yet she was bafflingly knock for Jennifer. Jennifer evidently didn’t even truly try out for the chief, as she just read him a couple of lines over Skype before she was given the part.

jennifer lawrence anne hathaway

Under the steady gaze of any Jennifer Lawrence protectors endeavor to guarantee she wouldn’t engage in sexual relations with somebody as horrenous looking as Harvey, the photograph above is of her present executive beau Darren Aronofsky… She is unquestionably laying down with this scraggly beady-peered toward Christ executioner, and he can’t help her vocation.

jennifer lawrence darren aronofsky

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  1. She totally sucked Harvey off, pegged her as a slut after the frappening leak. Only a slut would flaunt a camel toe snatch like that…


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