Amber Heard Naked Scene From “The Joneses”

amber heardHollywood actress Amber heard is nude in this scene from her movie The Joneses. Amber is one of those actresses who has done everything yet not becoming famous.




She even tried to get some publicty by leaking her nude pics but who wants to watch mattress. In this scene she is topless showing her small boobs as she is talking to another girl. Unfortunately there is no fucking or sucking in this video (which is very popular for). Recently she split up with billionaire Elen Musk after he refused to pay for her breast and ass enhanced surgeries.

It is fair because who will be paying to repair the mattress that you use and throw. The 31 year old blonde made her big debut in 2004 with Friday night lights after doing some small roles earlier. She married Jonny depp in 2015 only to be divorced after two years. Marriage and divorce are very common for those Hollywood rags who will sleep with you too if you pay them enough.

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