Eva Green All Nude + Scenes From “The Dreamers”

eva green 001The French actress Eva Green in the Dreamers film nude and doing explicit sex scenes with two guys. This is one of the most realistic and graphic sex scenes you will ever seen on big screen.







In this film she has done many nude sex scene including threesome incest scene. When this film was being shot Eva was just 18 years old and ready to do anything for money. In one scene Eva goes down on her knees and start to suck cock while her brother watches them. Then they go to the floor and have sex as she starts to bleed.

In another scene Eva Green nude Laying in bed while the guy start to follow up from her foot. As he reaches her pussy he stops and you get a good look at her small Tight pussy with red pubic hair. In another scene she is in shower with Bro and friend and she going to shave her brother pub’s.

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