Elizabeth Hurley Nude Hot Scene From “The Weight Of Water”

elizabeth hurleyHollywood slut bag Elizabeth Hurley nude scene in her new movie The Weight Of Water. Elizabeth has been one of those who is more known for her whoring then onscreen talent.







Until now she has been married 4 times but only has one child. Which prove that she was always fucked with a condom on in fear of getting aids from her. One child she got when she was sucking a huge cock who cummed deep inside her throat. No one is going to fuck her pussy without Condom for sure. In this scene she is sun tanning topless sucking on a small piece of ice.

Watching her suck and lick that small ice cube can give you idea of how good she is with giving blowjobs. Then she rubs the ice cube all the way down her body including sexy dried boobs. Thankfully she is wearing a panties otherwise we would have been subject to torture of looking at her enormous ass hole.

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