Pop Singer Rihanna Nude Photos From Young Days

rihanna and the clara lionel foundation host 2nd annual diamond ballHere are some teenage nude photos of a slut known as Rihanna. Now she may have become a superstar pop singer but once she was sold as sex slave in Africa.







In Africa there she was getting fucked and left to clean herself right from the time she was barely legal. Of course they do not get paid anything there accept cum as a food. One of those who had purchased her brought to USA but by then apartheid was over and she had to be let free. Then roamed around LA doing strip shows and sucking dicks by the street to pay her bills. Finally she gets a opportunity to sing one song and rest as they is history. Rihanna came from being a sold out sex slave to become one of the most popular Popstar of all time. You can see in this pics that even at such young age she had amazing boobs and ass.

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