helga lovekatyRussian supermodel and Instagram star Helga Lovekaty doing submissive photoshoot nude.








Being submissive comes very naturally for Russian bitches being under the communist rule. They have always been treated to extreme sex and kept as sex pets. This Photoshoot is more like a guide for other girls of how to be a good submissive slut. The guy handcuffed her, put a tag on her neck and gagging her mouth. Fucking a girl in submissive way is the correct way to have sex.


Because that is how women should be treated in real life. Vanilla sex is a big no no because women should always be there to satisfy men rather than get satisfied. Helga is having amazing figure with great ass and boobs that shaped like apples. Imagine pinching those tits and biting them hard. Then spank her ass hard untill her butt cheeks turn red. That is what such sluts deserves.

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