chloe grace moretzChloe Grace Moretz first ever lesbian sex scene from the new movie The Miseducation Of Cameron.





Chloe Moretz who is trying very hard to establish herself as an actress is doing what everyone does. She goes the sluty way because the way to man’s pockets is through his pants. In her first lesbian scene Chloe does a pretty good job but she needs to improve a lot. They are in backseat of a car and start kissing passionately. It starts awkwardly but soon things heat up and the tension increase.


Then the other actress insert her hand Inside Chloe Moretz panties and finger her. This maybe her first lesbo on screen but, I’m sure Moretz had many girls finger her pussy. It has become the new fashion for girls to fuck each other instead of waiting for dicks. Unfortunately there is no nudity in this scene or it would have been even better.

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