a simple favourHollywood beauties Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are setting the screen on fire in this new queer movie A Simple Favour.




Just as we had mentioned earlier there has definitely been a rise in lesbodykes movies recently. And each one is sexier then the other. In this one we see Anna Kendrick locking lips with the delicious lips of Blake Lively. Unfortunately it is just for few seconds before Anna pulls away from the kiss. It is clear that Blake certainly enjoyed it more than Anna.


Because it is such a small Clip we have included few other hot scenes of them. In one Anna is stripped to her lingerie and getting fucked by a stud on the bed. In another scene Blake Lively runns through jungle all nude showing her sexy ass and jumps into the river. Both Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are two of the hottest celebs in Hollywood right now.