Here is the first ever Elsie Hewitt nude photoshoot which she had done at the age of 18. The supermodel was just starting out then and she was looking really cute. Innocence in her eyes are clearly visible, along with it the excitement of becoming a slut. At 18 Elsie Hewitt had a skinny body, but still looked super hot. Even then her ass had a good shape which is now world famous. Her pussy is clean shaven like a dessert without trees. Even as a teenager Elsie seemed extremely confident about being naked for camera. Watch her young boobs looking so fresh and sexy, you cannot but dream of sucking them. Now she has become a sought after model with a huge pay cheque for her presence at fashion shows. Elsie Hewitt was born on March 5th, 1996 in London, England as Elsie Rose Hewitt. She moved to Los Angeles at 10 years old.

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