Lori Harvey Nude Photos Girlfriend Of Michael Jordan

Lori Harvey Nude Girlfriend Of Michael Jordan

Lori Harvey is known as a popular American model, actress, public personality and socialite. She also has an Instagram page with more than 4.3 million followers. A relationship with basketball legend Michael B. Jordan also added fame to the girl. There is an opinion that this is just a public relationship to maintain interest in the couple from fans. However, no evidence of this opinion was presented. The couple is officially together until now, that is, they have been dating for 2 years.

Lori Harvey Nude Leaked

Lori Harvey Nude Leaked

Lori Harvey was born in January 1997. It is noteworthy that nothing is known about her biological father. A short time after the birth, the girl’s mother married comedian Harvey, who gave her a name and also adopted her. It is likely that it was he who instilled in the child a love of performances and public attention. Lori Harvey started her modeling career in 2015. Then the LA Model Management agency signed a contract with her. And quite quickly it spread to Europe. Lori’s career quickly went up, and 2 years after the start she took part in the shows of Dolce & Gabbana’s. It was about a bright spring and autumn collection. In 2019, she starred in a video as herself. And 2 years later, Harvey founded her own cosmetics company, which focuses on care products.

Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey Nude

Lori Harvey has always been distinguished by a very audacious character and a penchant for some kind of ignoring of social norms. This is well confirmed by the problems with the law, which began with the model in 2019. As a result, the girl received 2 years of probation, and she was really threatened with prison. So the photos of Lori Harvey nude do not surprise anyone – she definitely loves sex!

Lori Harvey Nude

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Lori Harvey Hot On Selfie

Lori Harvey stands out with a beautiful figure and a very attractive face. She has the right facial features, so it’s just nice to look at the girl. She knows how to take interesting selfies, although she has more standard ones. But all such pictures are of high quality.

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Lori Harvey Flaunts Her Curvy Body In A  Bikini

The girl knows how to pose and does it with great pleasure. She arranged photo shoots in bathing suits several times to show her figure. Lori Harvey has a whole collection of attractive bikinis in full compliance with all fashion trends, as you can see for yourself. She is literally a trendsetter.

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Lori Harvey Sexy

Lori is a bit like Kim Kardashian, which she partly resembles. But Lori Harvey demonstrates the sexuality of an African-American girl. She has personality and charm that are hard to forget. No wonder this socialite has so many fans.

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Lori Harvey Today

Lori Harvey intends to continue to self-actualize as a socialite. She looks very attractive in a swimsuit, in evening dresses or even in ordinary casual clothes. And it is clear that she has great prospects as a model in her career.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loriharvey/

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