Camille Rowe Bizarre Nude Video + Photoshoot

camille roweIn this weird Photoshoot and video American-French Actress model Camille Rowe is stripped nude, drunk and dumped in sea. Yes, you heard it right. The redhead bitch seems to have been actually drugged and dumped in the ocean.




She was at a bar with the photographer and team, was drinking alcohol with them. They decide to make it total whaky shoot and drug her drinks. Already she was revealing her boobs And nipples. Then she finally falls unconscious and they strip her completely nude. Her boobs are small but sexy as fuck and her pussy is having Landing strip type of hair. Just enough hair to make you Horny. They carry her out and probably rape her but unfortunately they did not film it.

Then they hand her by a hook and take proud Photos around it. After everything they finally dump her into the ocean. After floating for few hours she was found by fishing ship who fished her nude from the sea. Now we do not know if this was all real or planned before, but looking at her condition it could be real.

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