Emma Stone Harvey Weinstein Casting Sex Video Leaked

Sex Scandal involving Harvey Weinstein has got even bigger after this casting couch surfaced. Here we have unearthed a casting couch video of Emma Stone when she was new in Hollywood. We have now all been cleared that only way for girls to become actress in Hollywood is to suck dicks. Oh course every actress has done it but now they are acting as if they were victims.

Anyways, talking about this video which was filmed in a hidden cam we see Emma Stone in a compromising Positions with Harvey Weinstein. The fugly old bastard makes her strip nude and suck his harpies filled dick. She was just 18 at that time and was already a horny whore. Then she rides in cowgirl position Showing her small nipples. There is rumors going on around that he even fucked bigwig stars like Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. Crying victim is not going to help any of them because everyone knows how sluty bitches everyone is.

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